Wexford Sealcoating Job

At Smullin Asphalt Company, we are very proud of our continued service to Wexford, Pennsylvania. We have been delivering premier asphalt paving services for nearly 40 years. With services ranging from asphalt paving to parking lot installation to crack sealing, no job is too big or too small. 

Our team recently received an online quote request from a local store that was looking for asphalt maintenance in Wexford. After contacting the client, we learned that they were looking to seal coat their residential driveway. They had recently moved into a new house and their driveway was in need of asphalt maintenance.  We gathered more information from the clients and scheduled to visit their residence the following week.

We arrived early the next week to perform an evaluation of the driveway in order to determine the cost and schedule that would be associated with the sealcoating project. By the time we had provided our quote, the clients were very pleased with the scope of the project. We agreed to begin work sealing the driveway the following morning. Our crew returned to the shop to prepare for the sealcoating job.

The next morning our crew began work. Sealcoating a driveway is an extremely important and effective form of asphalt maintenance. It helps to reduce the damage that an asphalt surface experiences over time. The sealant hinders the ability of foreign materials such as water, oil, hazardous chemicals, and objects to penetrate the asphalt surface. If maintained properly, it is much easier to avoid costly asphalt repairs or even new asphalt paving.

By the time we had finished the driveway, it has a brand new look. The fresh sealant needed a couple of days to dry before the driveway would be usable. The customers were very happy with how the asphalt maintenance had turned out. They thanked us for the hard work and told us they would make sure to call the top asphalt contractor in Wexford for any future asphalt needs.

Our team finishing some work doing parking lot maintenance in Pittsburgh

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