Springdale Striping and Sealcoating Project

At Smullin Asphalt Company, we have been providing the best asphalt paving services to Springdale, Pennsylvania for nearly four decades. In those 40 years, we have helped to set the industry standard for customer satisfaction and execution. Our crew focuses on efficiency and effectiveness in order to provide you the best final product. Whether your project is big or small, Smullin Asphalt Company is the paving contractor for you.

Our crew recently received a job request from an apartment complex. The client was requesting parking lot maintenance in Springdale, Pennsylvania. The property manager contacted us looking to perform some scheduled asphalt maintenance on their parking lot. The property manager explained that their parking lot was staying in good shape. However, it had been a number of years since their most recent parking lot maintenance. While there was no significant damage, she wanted to take preemptive measures to protect the asphalt surface.

After gathering more information, we scheduled to visit the complex in order to thoroughly evaluate the entire scope of the project. After examining the lot, our team determined that sealcoating and restriping the parking lot would be the most efficient and effective. This would help to provide much-needed protection from external factors such as oil, water, physical materials, and hazardous chemicals from entering the asphalt layer. It would also help to revitalize the aesthetic of the parking lot. After this was dry, we restriped the entire parking lot and numbered the spaces for the residents. While the project was not labor intensive, it completely refreshed the apartment parking lot.

We told the property manager to contact us with any other asphalt repair or asphalt maintenance needs. She thanked us for our hard work and excellent final product. She was happy to have chosen the top asphalt contractor in Springdale, Pennsylvania.

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