Sealing, Striping, and More

The length of a job can depend on a great variety of factors, but the intensiveness of the job is definitely a major one. Doing a completely new installation of asphalt paving in Butler County is a lot more of a meaty job than patching a single pothole. The paving contractor project here was one that only took a few days. We got a call from a client who needed to have a new layer of sealcoating applied, and they also wanted different markings on the parking lot than what existed before the sealing. We told them, during the estimation process, that this would be no problem.

The Parking Lot Maintenance Begins

The estimation process was very simple for this project. We met with the client, discusses their needs, laid out a plan for them, and then provided a timetable and budget. Since this was primarily a maintenance job, the turnaround was just a few days. The customer was happy to have all of this information, and we took great care in making sure to answer any questions they had. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is being transparent and professional with all of our customers. When it came time to do the job, we arrived as had been arranged, and got to work. 

Some finished asphalt maintenance in Butler County

The first task we needed to accomplish happened to be extremely important. We needed to clear the lot of any debris and refuse that was cluttering up the space. We wanted the finished product to be nearly new-looking asphalt. Any sweepings or garbage on the lot would make an unsightly outline if the sealant was applied on top of it. So, we went over the whole area multiple times to make sure nothing would be interfering with the sealcoating’s ability to protect the asphalt surface.

Once that had been completed, the actual work began! It was time to apply the actual protective material that would seal the asphalt from moisture and chemicals that might be able to penetrate deeper and cause cracking. We applied the sealant, then allowed it to dry and cure. Afterwards, we did line striping on the lot to mark it as per our customer’s wishes. Once we had finished, the lot looked like it had been installed earlier that week. The customer was very pleased with our work, and told us he would be giving us a call in the future for more maintenance work. We told him it would be our pleasure! It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

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