Sarver Apartments New Parking Lot

At Smullin Asphalt Company, we have spent nearly 40 years delivering excellent customer service and finished products to all of our customers. We are proud to be a top asphalt contractor in Sarver, Pennsylvania. Our team of asphalt experts is ready to help you out with your next asphalt project. Whether it is big or small, Smullin Asphalt Company is the right choice. 

We recently received an online request for a quote. A property manager was looking for asphalt paving in Sarver.  The property manager worked for a local apartment complex. The complex was in the process of performing renovations. The manager explained to us that as a final project, they were looking to repave the parking lots. While their current asphalt surface was in decent condition, they were interested in restoring it’s aesthetic and strength. After gathering more information and scheduling a visit to the project site, we were excited about this project.

Our team performed an in-depth evaluation of the apartment complex parking lot. It appeared to have been awhile since their last asphalt maintenance work. We determined that a simple pavement overlay was the best option. It would help to restore the structural capacity of the parking lot, give it a fresh new look, and extend the overall lifetime of the asphalt surface. A pavement overlay requires the application of a new layer of bituminous paving to the existing surface. The entire process took a few days to complete. By the end of the asphalt paving job, the parking lot looked great. A quick restripe on the new asphalt gave it the functionality that all of the residents enjoyed.

The property manager was very pleased with the work and our ability to finish on time and on budget. If you are in need of asphalt paving or concrete services in Sarver, make sure to give us a call! 

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