Road re-paving and asphalt milling project

Smullin Asphalt Company was honored to complete another asphalt milling and asphalt paving job along the roads of a local cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA.

The property manager at Allegheny Cemetery decided it was time to have us come out to do a mill and re-pave job on the access roads. The asphalt was starting to deteriorate, with many cracks that had developed. Being a long-term client of ours, he didn’t hesitate to give us a call to get the process moving forward.

We got to the job site on a Tuesday morning. We started out by grinding up the asphalt surface a few inches down to make way for a smooth and even surface for repaving. We worked in sections to keep the majority of the access roads accessible at a time. We then regraded the roads and took any steps necessary to ensure that the final product would be smooth and stable. We then did an asphalt repavement on all of the access roads. It took us three days to complete the entire job.

The property manager was amazed at how quickly we knocked it out – even despite the fact that we have worked with them for years. He contacted us after the job was finished to tell us that it looks great!

Thank you for trusting Smullin Asphalt with your asphalt milling and re-paving needs.

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