Parking lot repair project near Wexford PA

The crew at Smullin Asphalt Company recently performed a commercial parking lot repair project for a church in Gibsonia, PA.

The existing surface was developing several cracks in addition to drainage problems. Pooling was a problem in the parking lot region as well as the entryway that led up to it. The property manager for the church knew it was time to have it repaired.

The client was a return customer as we had done a complete dig out and pave along with sealing a section for them a few years prior, so they knew who they could trust and gave us a call for an estimate. an idea of what needed to be done. We determined that they were having base problems as the base was failing due to having a clay base. We scheduled the project around the church’s services to not interfere with the traffic.

Our crew arrived first thing in the morning and got started by digging out the existing surface. Then we added a stabilization fabric underneath the stone base. Once that was complete, our crew then put in a binder and top coat on the entranceway. In addition, we also sealcoating a section of the parking lot.

The new parking lot looks great and the church was very happy with how the job turned out. Thank you for choosing Smullin Asphalt Company for your commercial parking lot paving needs.

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