New Paving for a New Facility

We recently got a call from a customer who was building out a new office space for their company. He called us to do some asphalt paving in Allegheny County. He needed a lot more room than he was currently working with, and was also happy to be able to add the real estate of the office building to his company’s assets. We knew from the get go that this customer was heavily invested (both personally and financially) in the quality of the finished job. He was definitely very hands on, and it was great for our team to work with an experienced project manager. We were not worried about this customer’s attention to our work or the small details, because we always treat each property as if it were our own.

New Parking Lot Paving Starts

So for this project, we mostly needed to turn an existing construction area into a new parking lot. Installing this asphalt wasn’t very difficult, although there is a slight incline to the ground level. This small detail was something we were definitely aware of, but is also something that our crew members have plenty of experience with. One of the first things we did was to clear the yard for grading. This first step can seem unimportant, but it sets everything else up for success. 

This parking lot paving in Allegheny County was a blast for Smullin Asphalt Company to complete

The next part of the job was actually grading the yard. We have done plenty of jobs where we had to prepare the site for the laying of a base layer, so this was nothing new to us. Still, we made sure to do everything in our power to make sure that the base layer would remain as even as possible during the parking lot’s lifespan. We always install asphalt with the intention of it lasting multiple decades.

Even though it seems like the main bulk of the job and is the most noticeable, laying the hot mix and compacting it is actually one of the last steps of installing a new lot. Obviously there are a few things that need to go right to put down a good final surface, but our team has the know-how to do this in spades. We finished the lot with a layer of sealcoating, then painted the surface according to the pattern we were provided. All in all, this job went very smoothly, and we were glad to please another customer.

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