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At Smullin Asphalt Company, we have proudly been a top paving contractor in Pittsburgh for nearly a decade. Through our dedication to customer satisfaction and top of the line asphalt services, Smullin Asphalt Company has helped to set the industry standards.

We often get calls for jobs that don’t always turn out to be as straightforward as they could be. While those jobs present their own challenges, we always end up handling them by relying on our dedication to quality workmanship and the experience we have gained after years in the industry. This project, however, was just about as typical as you can get. The nice thing about this project was that we did the whole lot from start to finish. We also had plenty of time and space to work with, which made doing this Pittsburgh asphalt contractor project a breeze. 

The Asphalt Paving Project Begins

We got the call from a customer who had used our expert asphalt paving services before when he had been a project manager for a general contractor.  with us the first time around, and he had his own property now (which needed some areas paved). He owned a few buildings that had been converted into apartments, and he wanted the area behind the houses to have an asphalt parking lot. There was an existing lot, but it was mostly gravel and dirt before we got to it. Even though the tenants had to park elsewhere for about a week, they all seemed to be very happy to see us. Surely the fact that they would be able to soon park on a brand new parking lot had something to do with it. 

a finished project as an asphalt contractor in Pittsburgh - Smullin Asphalt Company

As mentioned earlier, we completed this job from start to finish. That means we prepared the site, graded it entirely, put down the new asphalt pavement, then striped the fresh asphalt. First, we cleaned up as much as we could before fully grading the dirt backyard. We made sure to take extra care with the leveling to minimize later cracking that might come from laying an uneven base layer. This went smoothly, and we ended up finishing this part of the project ahead of schedule. That gave us time to lay the next layer of asphalt carefully, and the compacting process also was free from problems or issues.

Finally, we striped the lot, and also included some handicapped spaces. When we thought about a disabled person having to manage the old dirt lot, our team was very satisfied with the good work we had done. The customer and the tenants all seemed thrilled as well. Of course, we are always happy to please a customer. Still, it was all in a day’s work!

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