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Westmoreland County, PA Info

Westmoreland County is located in Pennsylvania. The population of the county is 365,169. The county was founded on February 26, 1773. The county was named after a historic county in England, Westmorland. This county has a rich history and plenty of things to see and do.

The Battle of Bushy Run occurred in this county. The Bushy Run Battlefield happened on 213 acres and it transpired in August of 1763. Visitors can visit the Bushy Run Battlefield and can go on the tours. The tour guide is certified and will teach you about the battle history. There are also educational and historical programs provided on site along with historical reenactments to see too. Children and adults will all enjoy visiting the Battle of Bushy Run Battlefield.

The Compass Inn Museum is another historic place that has many exciting things to see and do. The Compass Inn Museum was restored in 1799 and there are guided tours available. Visitors can go on the 1 ½ guided tour to see the original Inn, a cookhouse, a blacksmith shop, three outbuildings, and each of the buildings are finished with pieces of each time period.

Laurel Highlands is the perfect place for any vacation. The backdrop of your vacation with be the majestic mountain. Visitors can swim, fishing, hiking, kayaking, biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and so much more. Visitors can see the natural habitat at Laurel Highlands. Zip lining was added at Laurel Highlands within the last year. Visitors can go zip lining and soar more than one hundred feet above the ground and see the beauty of the Allegheny Mountains and beautiful landscaping from high above.

The Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival is a must see when you are visiting this county. Visitors will be able to enjoy traditional arts and crafts, live performances, historical heritage, delicious foods, and fireworks in the evening. The Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival starts on July 5th and continues through July 8th. Each day offers exciting activities that the entire family will enjoy. The festival is held on Main Street and one of the best times to visit the county.

Learn About a Recent Westmoreland County Project!

Restriping Job For Local Store

We received an estimate request from a local store that was having issues with people parking improperly in his parking lot. He was looking for an asphalt company who could perform quick, and detailed asphalt maintenance in Westmoreland County. He further explained to us that a number of his customers had dealt with towing problems, as a result of the improper striping that was done on his lot. We informed him that we could make it out the next day to examine the parking lot and provide him with a detailed estimate for the project.

Once our team arrived, it was easy to see how the previous asphalt company had incorrectly striped the lot. We told him that this would be a quick fix and that we would be able to get it done this week. He was relieved to know that we could fix the issue so quickly for him. He did not want his customers to continue having troubles with towing while parked in his lot.

We returned a few days later to begin restriping the client’s parking lot. While the project was very straightforward, and the problem was apparent, our team of experts went above and beyond. We were able to fix the restriping problem, and even create three more parking spots for his customers. This really pleased the client, and he thanked us for our hard work and parking lot knowledge. We let him know that we were just a call away for all of his future asphalt paving needs.

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