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North Hills, Pennsylvania

North Hills, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community. The population of the community is approximately 1,225,365. There are three major rivers that flow in and around the community and they are the Allegheny River, the Ohio River, and the Monongahela River. There are a wide variety of activities that can be found in this community.

The Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve is a beautiful place where visitors and their family can enjoy nature and beauty. The Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve is over 134 acres and has streams, ponds, woodlands, and fields. The nature reserve is open year-round and open from dawn to dusk. There are five miles of walking trails where visitors can stroll along and take in all the natural beauty that is located here.

This community is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, and golfing. There are three rivers that provide these activities. Erie’s Waldameer Park is a fantastic place to spend the day with your family. Erie’s Waldameer Park was founded in 1896 and a few of the rides that you can enjoy are the Ferris wheel, the X-Scream and Ravine Flyer II roller coasters, the Pirate’s Cove, and so many more. Visitors can take in a show and enjoy the delicious treats that can be found at Erie’s Waldameer Park.

The Carnegie Science Center is a fun place to go to. Visitors will see science up close at the science center. Visitors and their families can also do the overnight workshop at the Carnegie Science Center where special workshops are provided. Who wouldn’t want to spend the night at the science center and learn new and exciting things too?

This community is known for having the best cuisine. A few of the most popular restaurants in the community where visitors can experience delicious foods are the Casbah, Morcilla, and the Spoon. Each of these restaurants uses fresh ingredients and nobody will go away from these establishments hungry as they all provide large portions at an affordable price.

Read About a Recent Asphalt Job in North Hills

North Hills Asphalt Patch Repair

Smullin Asphalt Company has been a top provider of asphalt paving in North Hills, Pennsylvania for many years. For close to four decades we have helped local businesses and residents with their asphalt paving needs. With services ranging from simple crack sealing to new parking lot installation, Smullin Asphalt Company can do it all. Whatever your asphalt or concrete needs are, give us a call today and we can assist you with your next job!

A local business owner contacted us recently looking for asphalt repair in North Hills. He told us that a portion of his parking lot was beginning to deteriorate. The area had severe cracking and a pothole appeared to be forming. He seemed quite concerned about the safety of his customers and their vehicles. We assured him that we could fix the problem area. We agreed to visit his store parking lot the following afternoon. Upon arrival, we were quickly able to locate the area he described. Our team examined the location and determined that pothole patching and crack sealing would solve the problem.

We began work on the asphalt parking lot the following day. We wanted to address the issue as quickly as possible in order to reduce the damage to the asphalt surface. We sectioned off the portion of the parking lot and began work. The pothole patching began with the removal of the loose and broken asphalt pieces. We followed that by applying liquid asphalt tack and filled the pothole with asphalt. Finally, we addressed the cracks that were also present in the area. It was a relatively quick asphalt repair job but we knew that it would be effective. 

At the end of the job, we gave the store owner some tips on proper asphalt maintenance and developing a routine. He thanked us for the excellent customer service and hard work. We left the job happy to have helped another customer, knowing Smullin Asphalt Company provided top of the line asphalt paving in North Hills.

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