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New Kensington, PA Info

New Kensington is a small charming city in Pennsylvania. The city is known as New Ken. The population of the city is 13,116. The city is approximately eighteen miles from Pittsburgh. The area was first settled by European-Americans during the mid-1700. The city was founded in 1891.

Visitors that are wanting to learn about the history of the city can go to the New Kensington Museum. The New Kensington Museum features artifacts that date back to the late 1800’s, displays, and guided tours that will give you the all the history information about this city.

If you have ever wanted to tour a coal mine, then you can do that when you visit this city. The Tour-Ed Mine will take you a ½ mile into the Pennsylvania mine. Visitors will get to experience a coal miner’s life during the 1850’s. The tour also includes an authentic Pittsburgh and Shawmut railroad caboose, a strip mine, a log house that was built in 1785, and a souvenir shop where you can purchase coal miners hats, candy, snacks, and unique novelties.

The Mount Saint Peter Parish is one of the first churches in the city. The Mount Saint Peter Parish was organized in 1902 and it is located on the corner of Second Avenue and Tenth Street. The church is known for its marble halls and beautiful stained glass windows. The church was renovated in 1970 and visitors can tour the church during the weekdays.

Adults that enjoy sampling different wines may want to go to the Wooden Door Winery. The Wooden Door Winery has beautiful grounds to walk and all of the wines are delicious. Visitors can go on the wine tasting tour where you will see the grapes that are grown for the local wine, then you can sample and taste the wines, and then enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant that is located at the winery. Visitors can check their website to get the wine tour times that they offer. You will be amazed on the wonderful taste of the local wine that is made at this winery.


Read about a recent New Kensington Job!

Pothole Patching Retail Store

Recently, we received an estimate request from a local retail store owner.  He was looking for an asphalt company who performed asphalt repair in New Kensington. He explained that the parking lot for his store had begun to experience cracking throughout a number of the parking spaces. The client explained that he was worried that the cracks would continue to grow, and potentially turn into potholes. After collecting the necessary information, we scheduled to meet at the location the following week.

On the day of the meeting, we arrived bright and early to the client’s lot in order to examine the severity of the asphalt damage. After a thorough inspection of the parking lot, we determined that the client was in need of crack sealing as well as pothole patching. A number of the parking spaces exhibited alligator cracking, and potholes had begun to form.

Our crew of professional asphalt pavers began work the following week. We planned the asphalt repair work so that customers were still able to access the parking lot. After a few days of work, the parking lot looking brand new. We had successfully repaired numerous potholes, sealed all cracks, and even gone over the entire lot with sealant.  The store owner was happy to know that his parking lot would now be safe and aesthetic for his customers. At the end of the day, we thanked him for his business and let him our asphalt company was available for any future asphalt and concrete needs.

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