Asphalt paving and milling project near Fox Chapel, PA

We recently completed an asphalt paving and milling job on a residential lane located within a neighborhood in Indiana Township/Fox Chapel, PA.

The residents who lived on the lane noticed several problems with the pavement. There were some water drainage issues and there were several cracks that had developed. They knew something needed to be done so they asked around for references and a trusted friend sent them our way.

The client called us, explained his concerns and asked us to come out to access the project. We stopped by the next day to assess the situation and determined that the lane was in need of new pavement and also needed drain work. The client was impressed with our expertise and wanted to hire us to get the job done as soon as possible.

We scheduled to come back the following Monday to get started. When we arrived early Monday morning, we started by milling out the old asphalt and adding in a new base before paving and performing drain work. We fixed the drainage issues by installing a new under drain and added in new, smooth pavement.

The residents were thrilled with the way it looked and were happy to be able to drive on new asphalt, without any bumps or drainage problems. Thank you for choosing Smullin Asphalt Co. for your asphalt paving and maintenance needs!

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